Promoting your Kobo books

Kobo Writing Life

By Maia Sepp

What are some free – or nearly free – ways for the penny-pinching indie writer to promote their Kobo books and build their platform?


These days it’s crucial for indie writers to have a mailing list, website, Facebook page, Goodreads, Google+ and Twitter accounts, and whatever new technology pops up in the next five minutes. Now, not everyone is going to fall madly in love with every social media format – my relationship with Twitter is probably headed for divorce – but there are ways to cross-post your postings and tweets. Generally, it’s recommended that you focus on the one form of social media that you like the most and then distribute that content out to your other social media accounts (via software packages such as Hootsuite, or built-in site plugins.)

One other way to keep up with what’s going on in the industry is…

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