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ACTRESS, MODEL, STUNTWOMAN  –  The Views Of Jenna Saras:

I live in one of the best cities in the world. A lot of international work comes here; one is totally limitless!

I am definitely in the best career choice for me.

Persistence is the name of the acting game; I’m very passionate about it.

jenna board

I want to stay humble and keep learning.

I continue to master my craft by constantly doing workshops; and I train with the best fight and stunt coordinator in Cape Town, Alex An-Los.

I do my own stunts, making sure I stay unique and create a niche for myself.


I need to know my character inside and out; I must have my back story:

Where does my character come from?  What does she want?  Where is she going?

I meditate on,and visualize everything!

jenna surfing

I now know that acting and movies are my true place in the world!

When I look back; movies were a huge part of my childhood memories with my parents; no wonder I feel so at home on set!


I am a qualified Reiki Master.

I like the idea of opening a practice for healing animals; especially after my animal communication course with Anna Breytenbach.

Animals need me; this I know!

jenna funny

Jenna has worked on many local and international Commercials; both Stills and Screen

Among her movie credits are starship Troopers 3 and Momentum – due on the Big Screen in May. Her current and imminent roles include a Feature Film and roles in two Series.

Jenna is represented by Emma Ress Management ( ERM )



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