Going Up – An interview with Camps Bay’s Miss South Africa Finalist Taryn Morris

taryn article

Who is Taryn Morris?
I like to think of myself as a driven compassionate ambassador who makes a difference.
What is a modern woman?
A modern woman is someone who exudes confidence as well as indepence. She knows her worth and never lets anyone destroy that or take advantage of her.
Looking back in twenty years, what would you like to see?
I would like to look back and know that I have given it my all. I want to be proud of what I have achieved in life, how I have treated people and taken in the lessons that life has thrown at me.
cellc tARYN
What have you learnt so far on your journey in life; and in your journey to become a Miss SA finalist?
In my journey in life I have learnt that you are in control of your own happiness, all things in life are challenges but happiness shouldn’t be one of them.
In my journey in Miss SA, I have learnt so much about myself. I have pushed myself further than I thought I could ever go and I have grown so much as a person.
I have always been someone who knows who I am, but I feel like through this process you discover things about yourself you never knew existed. You reach a new depth.
If you could have chosen a different career, what would it have been?
I have always had a passion for styling. I think personal, bridal and corporate styling would be something I could excel in.
Who and what inspires you?
Life in general inspires me, as well as people and doing things that I’m passionate about.
I also have a weakness for quotes that resonate with me as well as music with lyrics that I can relate to. My life motto is that in order to be inspiring you have to be inspired.
taryn 3 photo
How would you be different from other Miss South Africa’s?
I believe I have the passion, drive and determination like no other. I know who I am and I’m not afraid to express that. My biggest goal is to make a difference in the lives of others and to inspire other South African’s to do the same. You need to lead by example in order to make a difference. Actions speaks louder than words.
Are you a forgiving person?
Yes I am. Forgiveness is the only way to move forward.
How do you cope with stress?
I try not to overwhelm myself. I deal with it bit by bit and take each day as it comes. 
What makes you a South African?
I am proud of our country and how far we have come. I have the vibrance and passion which so many South Africans have.
How can we improve this country?
We can improve South Africa by starting with ourselves. If everyone does their little bit to contribute to society, our economy and our country in general in a positive way then we can only improve and move forward.

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