Oh, Denmark!

In the late seventies; I joined a South African Jewish  group on a tour of Israel. I was seventeen at the time.

One day we visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial. I was profoundly saddened and shocked.

I cannot recall the exact details after 35 years; but I remember finding myself outside; looking at some trees..

I was told that these trees were to remember and mark the compassion of King Christian X of Denmark; who helped to rescue the Jews from Adolf Eichman.

When you are seventeen, and you hear about a glimmer of light in the darkness, it stays with you.

My grandfather’s extended family lost 95 people during the Holocaust and King Christian has forever remained in my mind

I have made a study of the rescue of the Danish Jews;  I visited Denmark in 2004 and would love to return one day.

In ” The Rescue of Danish  Jewry ” by leni Yahil; she quotes a Swedish academic who notes:” the lofty role played by the Danish King in a period fraught with difficulties. ”

How has it come to this; that Jews are under siege in my beloved Denmark?


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