How to Handle Awkward Run-Ins With Your Ex

Um….EX cuse me!


You bump into an ex (friend or beau) at the store. How should you react?
Be friendly but brief. Say, “How are you?” then go about your business. When you reflect over the encounter later, resist the urge to romanticize it. “People ask themselves, ‘Did I make a mistake? Do I still care?’ ” says relationship expert Jane Greer. “It’s a feelings flashback and not applicable to your life now.” Recognize that you’ve grown and that your life is changing.

Is it OK to ask a mutual buddy questions about a former BFF?
Yes, but know that the chat will probably be reported back,” says psychiatry professor Irene S. Levine. Send the right message that you hope she’s well. “Don’t fire questions like a prosecutor or you may alienate the mutual friend,” says Levine.

Your ex is chummy with your friends, and it’s driving you crazy. Is it unreasonable to ask…

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