Good Morning, Mr. Mandela by Zelda La Grange – A review of an outstanding memoir. @ZeldalaGrangeSA

mandela cover

This is an absorbing and moving account of Zelda La Grange’s many years as an aid to the late South African President and Statesman, Nelson Mandela.

it is published by Allen Lane; an imprint of Penguin Books.

This book was completed in the months immediately following Mandela’s passing; and it is quite raw and sad in the final chapters.

It is a personal account from Zelda’s eyes.

The biggest compliment paid to her; would be that she was chosen to accompany Mandela into retirement; continuing a long stint as his assistant and aid.

The book has it;s humorous moment’s too.

Zelda protests jokingly to Mandela that she is much too young for retirement; but would happily leave the government service to work for him.

There is a fascinating interplay between them; gradually opening up to each other.

Zelda was chosen to work for President Mandela; partially to be representative of a new South Africa; yet she stayed for so long because of a unique work ethic and a mutual understanding.

This book is worth a second read.


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