What’s Your First Draft Like? – Rosie Claverton

we can only learn from this!

Rebecca Bradley

Rosie Claverton, December 2013Today I have Rosie Claverton in the First Draft hot seat talking to us about her process.

Rosie Claverton grew up in Devon, daughter to a Sri Lankan father and a Norfolk mother, surrounded by folk mythology and surly sheep. She moved to Cardiff to study medicine and adopted Wales as her home. Currently exiled to London to train in psychiatry, she lives with her journalist husband and their pet hedgehog.

When you decide to write something new, what is the first thing you do?

Every idea I have – from random plot to planned novel – has an Evernote entry. Big projects have their own folders, with snippets of plot, character notes and scene ideas. I start by dumping everything in my head into an entry, really rough ideas and some plan of how it all fits together.

Do you have a set routine approaching it?

I tend to be struck…

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