Anastasia Yakunina divides her time between Cape Town and London. See Part 1 of the interview published on 25 November.

Are you self taught, or have you had tuition?

I had tuition from the age of 6 to 21; but I have always experimented with different materials and styles; and learnt  a lot from other artists through collaboration.

What are your feelings about Cape Town – personally and from a painting perspective?

It’s a very special place bringing people together for something very special.

What are your goals for the future?

To paint amazing stuff that will blow my mind, and share it with the world!


How do you overcome obstacles?

I drink black tea with lemon and sugar; and make a plan to overcome any obstacle.

What is your personal philosophy?

Everything you touch must turn into gold!

Are there any other careers you might be interested in?

An explorer and world traveller.

Any tips for ordinary people who want to appreciate art?

Talk to curators and gallery representatives; ask questions about the art and the artist.

Sometimes learning more about the process or some personal details of the artist, will make you appreciate art more.

                                       CONFLICT IN MY HOMELAND

image3 (2)

Ukraine, my homeland, has been going through a revolution leading to a major conflict.

It has been a tough and emotional year and has brought us Ukrainians closer as we buried thousands of soldiers; crying for each of them as if they were our own sons!

It has influenced my art so much; I have a piece called Warrior Girls that I created during this bloody summer, two powers, almost looking the same, opposing each other.

image1 (4)

I expressed some of our feelings through paintings; that will speak more than a million words!

Twitter:  @ana_kuni       anakuniart.com/blog


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