Artist and Model Anastasia Yakunina

Artist and Model Anastasia Yakunina

Anastasia Yakunina divides her time between Cape Town and London.  This is Part 1 of the interview.

Which people and artists inspire you; and why?

The crazy ones; with dirty hands and tired eyes; but full of joy and gratitude for being able to create!

Have you always been a visual person; how and when did you start to paint?

I have been painting my whole life.

Since I started travelling at a young age for modelling; painting and drawing was my way to communicate with myself and to learn how I feel

.My paintings tell me exactly that and can’t lie.

How do the worlds of Art and Modelling co-exist?

I met many creative minds in the modelling world; who inspired me with their ideas and the way the see things.

.Modelling prepared the perfect creative base for my art career.Also my main theme is beautiful strong women with expressive eyes that tell a story

I  met so many free spirits through modelling; who have the most incredible journey they follow; and that inspired me to create a series of those powerful creatures

So for me those two worlds of Art and Modelling coexist perfectly; feeding me with creative energy.


What inspires you?

Free spirited honest people who follow their path.

Twitter:  @ana_kuni             anakuniart.com/blog


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