Interview with Maggie James – Part Two

Maggie James

This is the second half of the interview with Maggie James: ” Quality is my goal. “

How do you relax and juggle different daily demands?

Relaxation doesn’t come easily to me. It helps that I’m heavily into yoga, doing four classes as week, and I’ve recently added a daily meditation practice.

I’m also big on healthy living, so I make sure I get plenty of sleep; I become crabby if I’m tired. Who doesn’t?

As for juggling my daily demands, I’m an organised person, but without being anal about it. My to-do lists keep me on track with my writing tasks, but they’re flexible, allowing me room for manoeuvre.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed, and when I do, I take time out to relax with a book.

Do you have a daily routine; what helps you to keep to it?

I do have a routine, yes. Writing work in the mornings, marketing and promotion stuff in the afternoons.

I’m more creative first thing, so that’s why I write then. Meditation is good for creativity; with any luck, the effects of my morning practice carry over into my writing!

People tell me I’m self-disciplined, so I guess that keeps me accountable to myself as to how I spend my time. The ever-tempting lure of Facebook is always beckoning, though!

What are your writing plans for the next few years?

I want to consolidate the success I’ve achieved so far, and build on it.

In 2015, I’d like to get my novels translated into German and Spanish, as well as make them available as audiobooks. I’m also contemplating writing a series, although I doubt I’ll do that in the psychological thriller genre. It would probably work well for dystopia, though.

I plan to publish at least one novel each year, although if I can speed that up, I will.

As part of that. I aim to refine my plotting, writing and editing processes, making them more efficient. I’m not sure I could manage more than two novels a year, though. Some authors put out a new title every three months or so, but I suspect I’d end up suffering burnout if I pursued that aim.

Writing, for me, is a source of immense pleasure, and I’d hate it to become a chore. Quality rather than quantity is my goal.

Do you have a bucket list: writing and other ambitions to fulfil?

Definitely! As I said, I’m driven by my goals

. I’ve always been a keen traveller, and I aim to revisit South America, as well as Australia and the USA. New places to visit include Namibia and the Central American countries, especially Costa Rica and Panama.

As for my writing, I’d like to take it as far as possible. I’m still defining in my head what that means to me, though. It’s early days; I have much more to learn. Where the process will lead me, I can’t say.

Perhaps that’s a good thing – who knows what opportunities lay ahead for me!

A message to your existing; and your potential, readers?

Any writer owes a huge thank you to his or her readers.

I’m immensely grateful to everyone who’s already bought my books, as well as those yet to do so.

To you, I say this: I will write to the best of my ability, conscious that there is always room for improvement. I hope that the results entertain you. If they do, then I’ve done my job as a writer. Thank you once again.


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