I went to a launch of Deon Meyer’s Cobra at The Book Lounge, Cape Town last night.

It was interesting on several levels.

He is a fairly large, well built man. In a way, I picked up echoes of the classic crime novelists who influenced him, such as Ed McBain and John D. McDonald.

He is witty, with quick responses and quite open to leg – pulling.

What is most note worthy, is the deadly earnestness with which he approaches his craft.

I have never heard such a thorough and serious approach. Yes, it might be popular fiction; yes, the average reader will spend a couple of days and move on; but Meyer will not compromise on his research and characterisation.

I have read some of his previous works, and reading the first chapter of Cobra as I write this, I once again pick up the ” Afrikaans Idiom ” of the original, very well translated into English.

On a similar note, last week I reread Smilla’s Sense of Snow, by Peter Hoeg; which carries from the Danish language and mindset into English.

Deon Meyer is in the prime of his career, has a large following and deserves all the recognition.

See an interview with Deon Meyer, also on this Blog.


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