It is about three kilometres from where I live to the Cape Town Stadium.

I went to a few matches of the 2010 World Cup, but I did not have tickets for the quarter final between Germany and Argentina.

Having woken from a nap, I decided to take a walk towards the fan walk and stadium.

It was dark as I approached the corner of Main and Glengarrif Roads; even a policeman sitting on his horse was half visible.

I remember the bright brown eyes of the horse, and a few police lights in the background.

A passerby told me that Germany had won 4 – o; and I could see the post match spectators slowly appearing in the distance.

The Argentinian fans had always been cheerful and upbeat; but now they seemed to smile wryly, one had a scarf flapping around his neck, but his head was inclined to the ground.

I felt for them and admired their stoicism.

So; I wish Germany all the best, but to those downbeat Argentinians I witnessed that night: May you roar with joy!


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